We invest considerable time early in the process to understand the brand’s voice, marketing needs and overall goals. Our agency offers a full suite of services to help businesses stay active + successful on social media. Offerings are tailored to each client’s specific needs and budget. 

Our goal is to effectively engage influencers, prospects, customers and followers across various social channels.
consulting client: HEIDI MERRICK collection

consulting client: HEIDI MERRICK collection

We work closely with company representatives on everything from account set-ups to more complex engagement customization and other promotional tools. We interface with the company's branding and marketing team to ensure selected social channels closely track the brand's image and voice. Our agency remains active throughout the engagement and is flexible with respect to each client’s desired level of direction and ongoing involvement.

content management

Content curation is our specialty. As experts in fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, we provide our clients with a social voice that appropriately represents them. Consider us an extension of the marketing team that can take the lead or direction with respect to all social content initiatives. We actively promote the brand while listening to what existing and potential customers are saying about the company.

  •  update + maintain social media pages
  • create + source + curate content for multiple digital channels, including social + blogs
  • build + maintain relationships with followers + customers + influencers 
  • monitor brand mentions + public sentiment
  • write + edit + distribute blog posts in conjunction with social media


Social media is constantly evolving. With new innovations and channels surfacing regularly, it can be daunting for business owners to stay up-to-speed. By providing strategic assistance or training, our customized consulting services help get companies up and running or revamp existing campaigns to support company goals.

  • work with in-house team members + marketing + public relations reps to mold an overall social content strategy
  • suggest tactics for branded marketing promotions
  • recommend relevant ongoing online partnerships + social media tools
  • provide feedback + tips + general social media marketing education

design + launch

  • develop + publish new social media accounts 
  • update existing accounts with new strategy + look

website + graphic design 

  • website updates + editing via wordpress or squarespace
  • graphic design for print + digital